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American Cattlemen Magazine APEX Cattle article, a Must Read

"APEX bulls are over 70% of my herd bull battery. We have been buying your bulls since 2019, totaling 16 head to date. Weaning weights and yearling weights have increased significantly since adding your bulls. We finish all our calves and have been extremely satisfied with the marbling in the APEX sired calves, fact is they are consistently over 90% Prime & Choice, and most CAB. See you at the next sale!"

Cooper Shermer, Manager Harmon Farm Corp, NE


"We have used SimAngus bulls in our program for over 40 years with excellent results. Calving ease along with good performance and maternal traits are important to us. We sell calves by the pound, so the extra performance is needed. And we keep our own replacement heifers, thus strong maternal genetics and moderate frame size are also emphasized in our bull selection process. For a number of years, APEX Cattle has been a source of our bulls because they have a balanced approach to EPD traits giving us a wide selection each year of individuals that have good quality, and consistently have excellent feet/legs plus good dispositions."

Rich and Jeff Horton, SD

"We have bought APEX bulls for a lot of years because they add to our bottom line. We start calving around February 25th and sell feeder calves in the 2nd week of December at Stockman’s Livestock in Yankton, SD.  This year we sold 227 head with an average mid-March calving date, the big 60 head of steers weighed 825 the whole group averaged 753 lbs. and that was all the calves on the place. We purchase your APX bulls Dan because there easy calving and just flat grow out well, they are durable plus add weight and quality to our calves."

Gerry & Sherri and Tyler & McKayla Krueger, NE


"The bull I purchased last year is outstanding and held up well out breeding 2ndand 3rd calf cows, especially considering how dry we were during the summer. He is great dispositioned. I must say, your bulls were the best set I have ever walked through.” The picture included with this text was taken in July, he sure has turned out good!  Make sure to send me a catalog."

Stan Copple, NE

"Dan, we buy Simmental cross feeder cattle, last year Seward Cattle bought about 23,000 head from 400 # to 750#. We prefer to buy whole herds because it is the only way we can help cow calf producers with their program, to get better. Might note, we have been buying your bulls over the past ten or more-years, last year I know we got two good yearlings. Your cattle work, and so does the SimAngus cattle in our feedlot. Send your bulls buyers our way as we want their calves."

George and Kelley Seward, Seward Cattle, Co

"The first APEX bulls were bought on Superior, and when they arrived, I could have not been more satisfied. The second group of bulls, again bought sight unseen, with the recommendation of Dan, were absolutely tremendous. As a group, both sets of bulls are the best I have ever owned."

Jim Richardson, Pampa, TX

"Wanted to let you know how the last two bulls we bought have done. They covered the females good and have really developed out nice. The best part is their calves, they came easy and have most impressive performance. We’ve bought your bulls before and they did good for us, but this pair is even better. We watch numbers as well as quality, and they for sure help us in knowing which bulls to select."

Bob Rahm, CO

"Your bulls have done well in our program! The good CE and BW EPDs data was ‘right on’ as they worked well for calving ease. Calves have grown out excellent! Keep me on your mailing list."

Heath Norris, KS


"We take calves all the way to finish and raise our own replacements. It is not easy to find bulls to meet these needs, we need to buy genetics. We rely heavily on EPDs and deep, known pedigrees in our selection process. APEX Cattle offers consistent quality across several sire groups allowing us to find uniform bulls that will sire calves that are born easy, grow well, cut well, grade well, make outstanding replacements, and look good doing it. Dan is really good at turning generations so we can buy year after year and still avoid inbreeding."

Alan Arndt, Arndt Farms Inc, WI

"I absolutely love my four bulls!  Bought them over Superior Livestock and could not have been any more satisfied when they stepped off your APEX trailer. Excellent dispositions and good breeders plus they held up good on our fescue pastures. APEX cattle are definitely my kind of cattle, and I plan on owning all APEX bulls going forward. My neighbor asked, where do you find bulls that good? I told him, so better send me an extra catalog and I will pass it along."

Rex Thurman, MO

"We have been buyer 2-3 bulls a year for at least five years, and we like them, and the calves they are siring. The quality offered is good, and we especially like the performance and carcass traits you have bred into your bulls. We feed out all of our cattle, so performance and closeouts are important. Might add, we have been retaining replacement heifers sired by your bulls, and we can see our cowherd is getting better. We are more than happy. Thanks for adjusting out with the bull that got snake bit, most appreciated."

Clark and Seth Andrews, NE


"We are sold on APEX genetics! Initially, we bought a nice group of bred heifers, then the next three years we bought several bulls. After fifty years in the business, the best cows we’ve ever owned are the females we selected and daughters of the bulls we’ve purchased!"

Don and Phyllis Dawes, KS


"Your bulls have made our operation more profitable, and our cowherd better. The bulls plus their calves and daughters have excellent dispositions that we really appreciate. Without question, the best and easiest way to improve a herd is in buy buying good bulls like we’ve bought from APEX the past several years. We calve in April and May, and on December 2nd we sold calves with an average weight of 720 lbs!"

Leon Beckmann, NE

Customer, Glenn Cantrell (left) with Dan Leo

"I buy all of my SimAngus bulls and females from APEX and Angus bulls from Express Ranch, knowing from each I will get the best of genetics and quality available. SimAngus add extra muscle, performance and carcass traits we need.

I recently sold our 2001 calves sired by your APEX SimAngus bulls, steers averaged 873 lbs. and heifers 823 lbs. If January/February born calves can go out November 10th with those weights, those are pretty good genetics."

Glenn Cantrell, OK

Glenn is one of our many repeat customers, of both bulls and females, a 2X National Western Angus judge and former manager of Hitch Feedlots. In 2020, Glenn bought our entire set of fall calving SimAngus bred heifers to add to his 300 head cow herd.

Dan Leo, Apex Cattle

Heterosis, Your Only Free Lunch

At APEX Cattle, we are a family operation raising seedstock for the past fifty years. We value the genetic benefits of heterosis, knowing it is an easier avenue to better females, more performance and increased profitability. Furthermore, we appreciate and demand structural integrity, eye appeal and good dispositions in our program.

Efficiency in the use of land, labor and feed are prerequisites to our business. We produce most all of the feedstuffs that our cattle require, we run our operation with low labor and maintain excellent records, all very important our economic and management balance.

We encourage cattlemen to stop by to view our operation, or to call at any time.
For breeding cattle or semen, call Dan: 308-750-0200 or Jody Hazen, Foreman: 806-201-3345.

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