Cow Herd

APEX females combine the ‘best of both’ Simmental and Angus genetics. They are docile, good structured, moderate framed, excellent uddered, fertile…and productive!

The entire herd of nearly 500 females average API
(ALL PURPOSE INDEX) ranks in top 15%

of the huge SimAngus breed’s database! Combining this impressive genetic level
with the elite percentile EPD pacesetting sires, the future is tremendously exciting.

Whether calving ease, performance, maternal or carcass traits…
this cowherd gets the job done!

Predominant Sires Include:

    • WS Proclamation E202
    • CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z
    • WC Loaded Up 1119Y
    • Rousey Gold Strike 512C
    • TJ High Calibre 556B
    • Hooks Shear Force 38K
    • Leachman Good News M044
    • F
CLRS Dividend 405D
    • Leachman Approval K140F
    • Hook’s Eagle 6E
    • LCRR THR Mtn Pass 6219D
    • CCR Flint Hills 2092B
    • MCM Top Grade 015X
    • CCR Masterlink 9053C
Bridle Bit Rembrandt D630
THR Testament 5451C
    • LLSF Pays to Believe ZU194
    • CCR Boulder 1339A
    • Hook’s Yellowstone
    • WC Bankroll 811D
    • WS Pilgrim H182
Leachman Prophet 3030Z
    • CCR Santa Fe 9349Z
    • Connealy Capitalist 028
    • Hoover Dam
    • Barstow Cash
    • Kramers Apollo 317
    • AAR Ten X 7008 SA
    • K BAR D Joe Canada 18Y

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