Feeder Listing

FEEDER SOURCE…exclusive from APEX Cattle!

To best serve our many bull customers throughout the US, we are implementing FEEDER SOURCE, the industry’s largest database of feeder cattle buyer, whether feedlots, backgrounding operations, order buyer or individual feeders in the US.

This ‘one of a kind’ database represents nearly 9,600 potential buyers, that annually purchase the largest number of feeder cattle sold from coast to coast and border to border. This is a huge commitment and investment on our part with a goal to help our customers best maximize the sale of their APEX Cattle SimAngus sired calves.

The permit us to efficiently and timely notify these valuable potential buyers, please complete the following information that will be used ONLY for the purpose promoting your feeder cattle to be sold, where or how (video auction or local auction) and when.

SimAngus feeder cattle are in high demand, make sure we enable the buyers to all know where yours will be selling, and when!
“The first APEX bulls were bought on Superior, and when they arrived I could have not been more satisfied. The second group of bulls, again bought sight unseen, with the recommendation of Dan, were absolutely tremendous. As a group, both sets of bulls are the best I have ever owned.”Jim Richardson, Pampa, TX
“We have bought several bulls from you in the past years, mostly over Superior, and they have been outstanding. Your bulls have lots of thickness and excellent carcass traits that we demand in our Angus based program. Calves could not be better!”Glenn Cantrell, Cantrell Ranch, Long Grove, OK

Heterosis, Your Only Free Lunch

At APEX Cattle, we are a family operation raising seedstock for the past fifty years. We value the genetic benefits of heterosis, knowing it is an easier avenue to better females, more performance and increased profitability. Furthermore, we appreciate and demand structural integrity, eye appeal and good dispositions in our program.

Efficiency in the use of land, labor and feed are prerequisites to our business. We produce most all of the feedstuffs that our cattle require, we run our operation with low labor and maintain excellent records, all very important our economic and management balance.

We encourage cattlemen to stop by to view our operation, or to call at any time.
For breeding cattle or semen, call Dan: 308-750-0200 or Jody Hazen, Foreman: 806-201-3345.

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